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Listed below are a few of the articles I've contributed to various publications since 1975. I've had a great many other bylines in different fanzines and record collecting publications such as Time Barrier Express, Record Exchanger, Kicks, and California Music. The most frequent subject of these articles has been early sixties' surf and hot-rod music.

  • Discoveries, December 2003. The Buddy Merrill Story: An Accent on Guitars
  • Goldmine, September 1979. Early Rock Cinema, 1956-1960
  • Goldmine, October 1979. Rock & Roll Cinema: A Focus on "Rock, Baby, Rock It"
  • Goldmine, January 1980. Surfin' Roots: The Tornadoes
  • Goldmine, July 1980. Johnny Carroll
  • Goldmine, December 1980. Rock & Roll Cinema
  • Goldmine, July 1983. The Southern California Surf Revivial Music Up To Now, with Bob Dalley
  • Goldmine, June 1984. Paul Buff and the Pal Recording Studio: Modern Rock Breeding Ground
  • Guitar Player, September 1996. Chairmen of the Board: The Surf Guitar Summit
  • Vintage Guitar, May 1997. The Surf Sound From Dick Dale and Leo Fender
  • Vintage Guitar, February 2003, Buddy Merrill: A Career Retrospective
  • Who Put The Bomp, Fall 1975. Dick Dale: The Man Who Invented Surf Music
  • Who Put The Bomp, Fall 1975. Surfin' In The San Joaquin, with Bill Smart
  • Who Put The Bomp, Fall 1975. The Tony Hilder Story, with Bill Smart
  • The Accent Records Story, online only at www.nicklucas.com/scottseely.html#anchor_JohnBlair
  • Rendezvous Ballroom Reunion concert program booklet, March 2000





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