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  Hot Rod Music   Surf Music   Dick Dale  

"The Illustrated Discography of Hot Rod Music, 1961-1965"
Revised and expanded 2nd edition.
Labels and LP covers shown in full color.
Forwards by Gary Usher and Davie Allan.

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"The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965"
Revised and Expanded 4th edition. Labels and LP covers shown in full color. Forward by Dick Dale.

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"Southern California Surf Music, 1960-1965"
This book details the early history of surf music as it arose in Southern California during the early part of the sixties’ decade. Pioneering bands such as Dick Dale & His Del-Tones, The Chantays, The Belairs, and The Surfaris took their music to area dancehalls such as The Rendezvous Ballroom, Retail Clerks Hall, Pavalon Ballroom, and Harmony Park. Here’s the story of how it all happened

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          Beach Party Book  






It’s Party Time: A Musical Appreciation of the Beach Party Film Genre”
By Stephen McParland, this exhaustive filmography was published in 1992 and remains the definitive reference work for the “beach party” film genre. Fully illustrated, 200+ pages.

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