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Ray Campi & His Rockabilly Rebels (1977, rhythm guitar, songwriter)
Shortly after joining the Rockabilly Rebels (Colin Winski, Jerry Sikorski, and Steve Clark), we recorded the LP "Born To Rock" on Rockin' Ronny Weiser's Rollin' Rock label (Rollin' Rock LP011). I also played on one of the tracks for Ray's subsequent solo LP, "Rockabilly Rocket" (Rollin' Rock LP013).



Jon & The Nightriders (1979 to 2001, lead and rhythm guitar, songwriter, producer)
I formed this band just for fun in 1979 only for the purpose of recording a 45 rpm record. The record came to the attention of Greg Shaw at Bomp Records and the label ended up releasing our first album "Surf Beat '80" several months later. The band was quickly propelled into the local L.A. nightclub scene, a series of European tours, a lot of media exposure, and more recording that continued through 2001.

The band contributed to the soundtracks of the feature films "Surf II" (1994) and "The Cool and The Crazy" (1995). The theatrical trailer for Quentin Tarantino's "Destiny Turns On The Radio" (1995) featured one of the band's recordings. When surf documentary filmmaker Bud Browne transferred his 1962 film "Cavalcade of Surf" to videotape in 1998, his updated soundtrack included music by Jon & The Nightriders.

callifornia record
Now Available! The first digital reissue of the 1979 "Surf Beat '80" LP with bonus tracks, has been released by Crossfire Publications.



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